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A June Update


My, my, time flies...somehow the wee babe is already 2 months old!  As I slowly emerge from the newborn phase (the sleep deprivation is REAL, people.), I'm so excited to launch my artwork again!  I've just started squeezing in art time during his naptime or after baby bedtime, and it feels fantastic to be back at it. Yes, there are typically lots of interruptions, but this is my new normal and I love it :)  If anything, the frequent but shorter creative sessions have been helping me create smarter -- I've found that I dawdle a lot less.  I still dawdle, of course!  That's how I come up with most of my art ideas, but the dawdle quality has improved.  Does that make sense?  I suppose it's more purposeful dawdling :)  I digress.

After relocating from my old studio space last September, I've encountered a bit of a down-scaling challenge.  I was pretty spoiled in my last studio -- there was so much storage space that I could squirrel away lots of things.  In or…