Multi-Orientational Landscapes


This week as I was finishing up the two pieces that I did for a Taylors Falls commission (the varnishing, framing, and whatnot) -- I started to play around with their orientations just for fun...and whoa.  When I flipped the two paintings so their opposite sides were next to each other, I kinda fell in love with this look too!  

It instantly reminded me of Hidden Beach (technically Cedar Lake East Beach, but whatever) in Minneapolis that can be found along my favorite lake in the Twin Cities -- Cedar Lake.  Do you see it, too?

I am exploring a lot more of these two-piece painting pairs, because I fell in love with the process of creating these two paintings for the Taylors Falls commission.  I want to work with more florals and more abstract stylings in this way as well.  Why have one piece, when you can have two?!  

Stay tuned for more.

I figured a song by the talented sistahs of Ibeyi was fitting.  Just discovered this a capella version.  Beauteous <3

Ibeyi "River" via YouTube



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