April Happenings


Whoa, I've been busy.  (!!!)  Between figuring out what to sell in my online store and preparing for a wide variety of art shows, I've been navigating my creative tornado experimentally in and out of the studio.  No idea where April went, but she was a fun month!

Mid-month I bummed along on a business trip and made a mini visit to Savannah to scope out the SCAD scene.  I dare say, Savannah is much more than Spanish moss-covered trees, mint juleps and peach everything -- that is one ferociously charming city.  Lots of creative energy, too.  Loved it!

Snapped this pic at the Fort King George historic site.  Spanish moss for daaaays.

In other news . . . 
Coming up in a few weeks is Inter(ART) on May 13th in Minneapolis at the Target Plaza Commons.  

Painting live is a really fun experience.  
I'm finalizing plans for what I'll be painting . . .  

*** HINTS: ***
  • it will be colorful
  • it will be L A R G E
  • no more hints
If you're at the event, please stop by my space and say 'hi'!  I'll be giving away some free mini prints :) 

What else, what else...

Remember my submissions last month for the paranormal art show?  Well...my watercolor painting "Aquatic Abduction" was accepted into "The Art of Darkness: Inspired By the Paranormal" show at the Banfille-Locke Center for the Arts!  This is a completely new genre for my paintings, so I'm very excited.  My inner Dana Scully is also pretty pumped.

That's all for now!  Stay tuned as I unveil my new online shop :)

The musical selection for today is from the new Nada Surf album.  I've hit the repeat button A LOT on this beautiful collection of tunesIt's my favorite kind of alt rock: peppy and reflective!  Enjoy <3

"Cold to See Clear" by Nada Surf via YouTube




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