Paranormal Art

Meet "Aquatic Abduction" and "Street Spirits"


Every now and then, I create a painting that  What's ironic, is that sometimes they actually freak me out a little, because my drip lines can appear a little ghost-like if I don't control them quite right. In the past, I would rework these paintings or throw them away if they were really bizarre, but lately (and thankfully!) I've been keeping them in hopes I could use them down the road.

Well, well, well...guess who found a Paranormal-themed art exhibition? !!!  I will be submitting three pieces that feature my signature drip lines, but they're waaay creepier than normal.  Paranormal, indeed.

Chunk of "Walking After Midnight"

I won't find out if my pieces will be part of the exhibit til the end of May (oh, the waiting...), but that's alright.  I'm still pleased with myself that I actually hung onto these paintings for this particular opportunity.  

Today's musical selection is a tribute to Dana Scully:

X-Files theme piano & strings via YouTube




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