Why I Pick Favorites

Meet my fleet of faves from the "Life's a Party" collection

Lots of new things brewing over here at Olivia J Designs, and you know what that means....tons of work!  While I truly begin to pull up my sleeves and watch my comfort zone fade into the foggy distance, I am so joyful (!!!).  I've wanted this for a verrry long time, but the timing was never quite right.  Luckily, patience has paid off and every creatively juicy moment that I've spent getting back into my artistic mindset has been worth it.  Things are starting to pick up momentum, and I cannot wait to share my new venture.  Soon!  So soon.  Stay tuned :)

On that note, I wanted to share a few of my favorite mixed-media pieces.  These are the ones that represent a magical methodical process that led to unexpected results. Favorites inspire me to keep challenging myself.  Whether it's a color combination, a scene, a unique stance, gesture, or party prop that just jives with my soul...it get's framed and cherished.  No shame.

In the pieces from my latest collection, "Life's a Party", I've combined 3 key elements:
1.) My previous works' style with the vertical drips
2.) A new twist: human beings!  I was very uncomfortable with painting people; its never been easy for me...but I wanted to add something new to my pieces.  
3.) I also decided to branch out beyond paint and play with ink as well.  This lead to the main themes in each of the pieces: tile floors and/or the rosette-patterned dresses.

"Still Enchanted" is a favorite because it was my 1st of the collection.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I liked it.  No tile floors yet!  Those came a few pieces later :)
"Leaving the Party" is a favorite because I had to tackle a flock of hip dudes in the distance.  As simple as the appear, they were challenging!  I also fell in love with the burgundy red of the lady's wrap and just the overall colorful circus going on between the romantic party apparel. 

In the spirit of the "Life's a Party" collection...here's Sam Cooke's "Having a Party"!  Also, The Current has been playing lots of Sam Cooke in honor of Black History Month & he's totally in my head right now.  What a talent.  Har Mar Superstar agrees too :)  Enjoy!

 "Having a Party" by Same Cooke via YouTube



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