"Coral, Sage, and Bronze at Play" [24x36]

"Coral, Sage, & Bronze at Play" (24x36) OJD 2016
Over the weekend, I finished my latest painting commission and it went to its new home :)  I had such a great time creating this piece, and I wanted to show you some of my favorite parts.

Last month, I blogged about this painting as I was starting it (CLICK) and its basic colors and style stayed the same through the process.  The one change I made was replacing the brown hues with more sage/coral, and then adding some splashes of bronze.  I was hesitant to add the metallic addition at first, because I didn't necessarily want the piece to feel too gilded/glam (although this is also a style I love)...instead, I wanted it to look earthy and natural.  The bronze added a fun pop of light and brought out new dimensions to the existing colors.  I think I might try working with this color combo again! 
A corner shot of the finished piece -- love the natural fusion of the bronze and sage hues
A middle chunk of the finished piece -- really love how the coral pops here

The musical selection today is one of my favorites from Lissie's lovely new album (My Wild West), "Sun Keeps Risin'".  I'm mildly obsessed with the dreamy bird song in the beginning and spent way too much time on YouTube listening to bird calls to figure out what type of bird is featured on this track...does anyone know?!  Life's important questions...


Lissie "Sun Keeps Risin'" via YouTube



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