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In the Studio: A NEW 24x48 Commission

Hello there!  I'm excited to share my newest commission piece: "Rise & Shine".  This 24x48 work was created for a client in Minneapolis who was looking for a large piece of art for their family room.

To get a good feel for what a new client is envisioning, I start by showing them a gallery of my paintings so they can select their favorite style...controlled drips, flowers, trees, hills, flowy nebula/glob things....all of the above?!  

My client wanted a large piece in the style of my classic drip/colorful skyscapes with the nature element (trees/flowers).  Next step: colors!  She informed me that the room for the piece has grey walls with a few pops of yellow/blue accent decor, but mostly plain.  Her requested colors for the piece were bright green, bright pink, and greys/blues/yellows.  ....time to create!

As with most paintings, this painting went through several revisions before I decided it was completed.  For one, this was my largest flower field that I've ev…


Hello!  I haven't created a painted mantra in awhile, so I thought it was time to make one :)  

Patience is defined as...
the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset*

A go-to album that I've found for relaxing and cultivating patience is the Odesza 'Summer's Gone' album....harmonic beats with a zen twist.  Enjoy: