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Artist Reception!

Happy Monday!
Over the weekend, I had my Artist Reception for The Skyscapes Collectionat The Sturgis Center for the Arts.  It was so much fun!  A big thanks to Sturgis Center for the Arts for hosting, Bear Butte Gardens for providing tasty treats, First Interstate Wealth Management for providing growlers from The Knuckle Brewing Co., and Kate Baum Fjelstad for her beautiful live music.  I even sold some pieces!  A lovely evening :)  Thanks to all for swinging by!

A few "selfie" participants for the #skyscapesturgis contest!   Post a selfie (on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) with your favorite piece for a chance to win a custom 9x12 painting!  Three winners will be

Artist Reception Announcement

See you in Sturgis!



*NEW* Works on the Website!

Happy Tuesday, all!

I'm pleased to announce that I've listed a new fleet of 9x12 pieces on the website that are available for purchase.  Additionally, I'm in the process of adding three new 36x24 canvases. Take a look!

I also just received a new commission request for a friend's home, and I cannot wait to get started!  It will be a larger canvas piece (50x48) and she had requested the drips and flower flair -- which I adore creating.  Colors will be worked around the blues, greys, and yellows in her interior decor.  Stay tuned!

Lastly, my Artist Reception for The Skyscapes Collection is coming up on Saturday, September 26th at 5:00 PM at The Sturgis Center for the Arts, so I'm prepping for that.  Should be fun!

All in all, it's a good day....

 "It's a Good Day" by Peggy Lee via YouTube

Painting Inspiration: Black Hills Skies

Its been 7 months since we relocated from Minneapolis to the Black Hills, and I have fallen in love with the sunsets here.  The colors, cloud shapes, and overall vastness of the skies are stunning.  I love lakes, I love pines, and I love sunsets, so when I can see all three at's perfection.  This trifecta is by far my favorite landscape.  While I appreciate a sandy beach or a field of flowers, I'd much rather gaze out at a lake surrounded by pine trees.  There's a quiet calmness that is serenely profound.  
Generally, I will see a gorgeous sky and just take a mental picture to use later for colors in a painting.  However, last night while we were fishing, I had the chance to snap a few photos of the rainbow sherbet-like skies that started rolling in.  I even caught my first rainbow trout last night!  A rainbow coincidence?  I think not.

Pretty Lights songs remind me of nature, so here we go...
"Finally Moving" by Pretty Lights via YouTube

How to Put Together an Art 3 days!

Hello there! 

As you know, last week I attended the Live Painting Art Auction at The Suzie Cappa Art Center for The Buffalo Gals event, and as luck would have it, on Tuesday the lady who bought my piece (Kristina Barker, a super talented photojournalist) passed my name on to the Chief Operations Officer at The Sturgis Center for the Arts (Veronica Grosek, also talented!) who was looking for 'artists of the month'. Well....I agreed to a super last-minute showcase for the month of September :)  I knew it would be a bit of a scramble to prepare, but I decided to go for it. Here's how I got my ducks in a row in 3 days...

#1: Pick a theme
Luckily, I've been painting A TON lately, so I had many different pieces to pick from -- this made things pretty easy.  After a little brainstorming and figuring out which pieces to use, it became quite clear that all the paintings I selected had my classically colorful drip-style skies.  Done!  I decided to name my collection of paintings &q…

Live Painting Art Auction!

Happy Tuesday!

I'm excited to share some details of last week's live painting art auction!

On August 26th, I was one of seven featured artists at The Suzie Cappa Art Center in downtown Rapid City for a live painting art auction for The Buffalo Gals.  I met a lot of awesome women from a wide variety of backgrounds and some fabulous local artists!  The experience of painting live with the critiques and chatter was also quite insightful and motivational!  So many unique visual interpretations of my work-in-progress canvas' color combinations, texture, etc.  I even had a few ladies who moved my piece and preferred it rotated 180°, which was fantastic!  I love that multi-orientational aspect.  Before the auction began, I let my paint dry while I indulged in a fabulous macaron and some fresh fruit.  Definitely my favorite type of tasty treat.

My finished piece, entitled "Tenacity", was auctioned off along with 6 other pieces for a grand total of $1,000 to help efforts of …