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A Marsala Mini Give-Away!

Happy Tuesday!  

It's FREE ART time!  In the process of creating a custom marsala-themed wedding piece, I created a ton of marsala paintings.  If you'd like a FREE original marsala mini, contact me via the website.  First come, first serve!  I'll ship worldwide.


Parole, Parole, Parole!

Happy Tuesday!  I've been in a very Italian-inspired mood lately, and had to share one of my favorite things to do: listen to Italianmusic <3

Living in Milano in '02-'03 was an incredible experience for me, and one that I'll cherish forever.  Although I don't speak Italian as well (nor as often) anymore, I absolutely adore listening to the music.  All genres, really.  The classics, Italian pop, Italian house, it's all beautiful to me and instantly transports my soul back to when my life revolved around vino, quattro formaggi pizza, gelato, shopping, sightseeing, and an unhealthy obsession with Italian Nutella-filled brioche.  (Oh wait, I guess that hasn't really changed...hmm.)  I still remember when I discovered Italian MTV on the television one August afternoon in our villa.  SO EXCITED!  While Eminem, Missy Elliot, and "Ignition" by R. Kelly (I recall that one specifically!) were popular back in the states at the time, I was fanatically liste…

Attitude Is Everything

Happy Monday, all!  Over the weekend, I started reading Diane von Furstenberg's book The Woman I Wanted to Be and I am so inspired by her life story and her candor.  What a strong, creative, and innovative woman.  

This book couldn't have come into my life at a better time.  Diane was and is a powerhouse of creativity and hard work.  Reading about her experience of being a complete newbie attempting to break into the fashion industry, the luck she found along the way, the misfortune she endured, and her persistence through it all really moved me.  Yes, she was a princess and part of European high society with all its fabulous privileges, but she put the time in to learn all the business aspects of fashion (not just the fun parts!) and that's why she became a self-made success.  She didn't take any short-cuts, she asked for help when she needed it, and when she felt like she was losing the "woman she wanted to be", she refocused on her needs (inward and outward…