What's New Wednesday [#6]

Hi ya'll!  Its been a gnarly week with a lot going on, and I haven't had much time to paint, but I'm back with the weekly recap for What's New Wednesday...:)

Here we go!

My parents visited us over the long Memorial Day weekend and we explored the Southern and Northern Black Hills -- had a blast!  Then, like true winners, we spent the rest of the time relaxing and eating leftover turtle cake [recipe from one of my favorite restaurants in Saint Paul: Cafe Latte!]  We also went to see Pitch Perfect 2, as all proper Packer fans must do!  Did anyone else notice the blonde aca-German from DSM (see the movie, know the acronym) in the preview for next week's Game of Thrones (?!).  

 We also spotted some bison in Custer State Park over the weekend.  Incredible creatures.

In ART news around Olivia J Designs...

While we were showing my parents around downtown Rapid City, I finally got to check out the gift shop at The Dahl Arts Center, and was so excited to see my little greeting cards!  I love the feature sign thing they created -- looks awesome and really catches the eye.  A big thanks to the whole team over at The Dahl and the Arts Rapid City crew!  

*Love this!*

I've been working on a custom wedding logo for a friend, and it's nearly finished!  The couple is getting married in beautiful Costa Rica and the bride wanted a destination wedding/travel vibe for the logo to be used on the invites, luggage tags, etc. -- such a fun idea!  Here's a sneak peek at the design in a few different colors:

Fun fact: "Pura Vida" is a characteristic Costa Rican phrase that means "Pure Life".  Click here for more info!

Lastly, I submitted one of my pieces to an art competition at our new favorite winery out here in the Black Hills: Prairie Berry.  We'll see what happens!  It's for the annual Wine Club picnic invitation :)  It would be an honor to get the opportunity to promote their wine with my painting -- they make the tastiest wines I've ever had.  I submitted this one, entitled "Golden Pines, III" because it reminds me of the view from the winery -- gorgeous pines and bold skies:

Golden Pines, III


I leave you with this "Fire It Up" mashup of Modest Mouse and Lil' Wayne, 
because why not:

 Firemouse -- Modest Mouse vs Lil Wayne via YouTube

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


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