What's New Wednesday [#5]

Hello there!  

To begin, I must share my new favorite song.  I stumbled upon the movie "Obvious Child" recently.  Pretty sure the name behind the movie is based on the song by Paul Simon, as there is a featured scene where the love-struck maniacs (Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy) are romping around to the heavy drum beats, and basically having the best date night EVER.  That's when I knew I had to find the song on Youtube for myself.  Jenny Slate is fantastic in this film and Jake Lacy does an epic job of playing yet another prince charming boyfriend in a sea of slimeballs.  (think Hannah Horvath's new boyfriend at the end of Girls season 4.  Yep, same dude.)

"Obvious Child" by Paul Simon via YouTube

Back to the news around Olivia J Designs...

So, I finally took the plunge and decided to work  L A R G E R.  I typically work quite small (we're talking 5 inches x 6 inches!), because I like to work on four pieces at a time in a sectioned off quadrant thing.  I actually never work on one piece at a time, but I decided it was time to live a little.  I was also encouraged to paint larger at the art critique last month :)  I fired up a 36 x 12 canvas (the largest I've ever worked with for watercolor), and had at it.  I used this opportunity to create a friends' wedding back-drop project, and I was excited to see how the their signature colors (coral, navy, teal, and a pop of gold) would look.  The plan here is to paint an abstract watercolor with their colors mentioned above, then blow it up take make a canvas poster to hang behind their head table.  I love this idea!  The bride is a visionary.

Horizontal, left side

Horizontal, right side


        I also played with the colors on paper for a wash look with thicker lines.

Then, I selected my favorite chunks of each piece, edited tone/colors in Photoshop, et voila!  I tried to pick a variety (textures, colors, and composition); here's a little sampling:
After the couple picks their favorite, the next step will be adding a bit more gold to glam it up (or not...do you like it more organic?  Still deciding.), finalizing fonts, then getting the canvas poster created for the big day ❣ 

I'm also in the process of finalizing some designs for a logo for a friends' wedding!  This one has been a blast to work on as well, because the bride is seriously a Pinterest diva and has provided a zillion ideas.  Stay tuned for a separate post of that project  :)
Lastly, I was notified that I sold my first STAY WILD bumpersticker this past weekend at The Dahl Arts Center gift shop.   Yay :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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