What's New Wednesday [#4]

Welcome to the fourth edition of "What's New Wednesday"!  A look back at the past week of happenings around Olivia J Designs...

One of my best friends from elementary school recently got engaged, and I wanted to make her a special watercolor as a little gift.  She loves blue, purples, and pinks....so I set to work, and created some different pieces.  I'd never worked exclusively with those 3 colors, so it was really fun to see how the water worked its magic.  I'll definitely dabble with that color trio again :)

I dropped off my note cards and bumper-stickers at The Dahl Arts Center gift shop on Friday.  Their gift shop is stocked with amazing goodies, by the way.  Definitely take a look if you live in or are planning a trip to the Black Hills!  They have a wide variety of different styles and mediums of local art for sale at really reasonable prices. 
The Bachelorette Party invites that I designed arrived, and I mailed them out on Friday.  (Already received a few RSVP's!  Thanks, ladies!)  I also created a little place on the OJD website to feature examples of custom orders.  

Some of my custom fabric designs arrived, and I'm really happy with how vibrant the colors turned out!  I also wanted to see how the designs would look on silk and faux suede, and I'm quite pleased with the results.  Take a look:

Here is that classic Elephant print that I created for the Printed Village contest (still haven't heard about finalists; hopefully they announce soon -- I'm so curious).  This particular design with the orange/peach, pink, and blues is my favorite color combination.  I ordered the fabric in modern jersey, because I wanted to see how it would hold up if made into a baby receiving blanket (thanks to a new mommy-to-be for that suggestion!). 

I'm IN LOVE with the OJD "Bonjour" design in faux suede.  I think it would look fantastic as an ottoman pattern, bar stool, or dare I say it...shoes (pumps, moccasins, boots?)  Clearly, obsessed with this print.  What would you make?  Available here.

I adore soft materials for lounge-wear; that is no secret.  Very excited to see the OJD "Marilyn" pattern in minky fleece turn out as vibrant as the original design -- the colors translated really well onto the fabric.  I think I see a snuggly pair of socks, robe, or maybe even a Winter hat is in this fabric's future.  Available here.

The fairest of them all is definitely the OJD "Le Jardin du Matin" pattern seen here in silk crepe de chine.  Scarves, blouses, dresses, fancy pajama pants...beautiful possibilities with this custom fabric.

For something new, I decided to see how my art would look as an acrylic under glass.  I have to keep the dimensions relatively small to keep the price reasonable, but I don't mind.  It may be small, but it's sleek, and a collection of maybe 3-5 of these displayed together on a wall would look fantastic. They each also come with wall mounting accessories, which is a plus.

Lastly, I discovered a fabulous British show called "Scrotal Recall" (I know, I know...the name) on Netflix, and it features one of my favorite singers who I had no idea was an actor: Johnny Flynn!  Two minutes into the show, I was like "Is that Johnny Flynn?  His voice sounds familiar...".  So I Googled, et voila!  It was him.  Get over the name of the show, and just watch it.  You won't be disappointed.

To celebrate Mr. Flynn's impressive acting skills, 
let's toast to a timely song of his from 2010, entitled "Churlish May":

 "Churlish May" by Johnny Flynn via YouTube



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