Grow Where You're Planted

original art © OJD 2015
Hi there.  Back on the blog after a mini hiatus and a MAJOR May snow storm here in the Black Hills.  We got approximately a foot of snow last weekend....blarrrgh.

Captured this shot as the snow started to stick to the ground and our little Russian Olive tree
So, as a result of the snowstorm and a gloomy homesickness for the Twin Cities, I succumbed to an unexpected bout of the blues, and activities around OJD were put on hold for a few days.  Let's just say I watched way more Big Love than I should have and my consumption of homemade puppy chow sky-rocketed.  The good news is that I'm feeling much, much better now.  Back to painting and designing!  I think I just needed a time-out to calibrate.  With the exception of the daffodils (RIP), I also have a new appreciation for the plants and flowers around the yard that weren't damaged by the snow.  Beautiful little warriors. 

It got me thinking about a quote I heard often while growing up (because we moved several times):  Grow Where You're Planted.   Timely, too, because of the new Spring blooms.  I love this nugget of wisdom, even though it's not always easy to follow. 

Similarly, I've been reading a great book entitled "Body, Soul, and Baby" by Drs. Tracy Gaudet and Paula Spencer.  It's (obviously) a book about preparing for pregnancy, but it explores more than that -- it explains the importance of nurturing your whole self -- body and soul.  Here's a little excerpt from the book:

Good health consists of five different (but overlapping) domains that must be individually strong as well as balanced overall. These five Centers of Wellness are:

1. Nutrition: food, drink, and supplements.
2. Movement: exercise for fitness as well as movement that brings you joy.
3. Mind: the state of your mind, including your stressors and your perceptions.
4. Spirit: a feeling of connectedness to self, to other beings, and to an entity larger than yourself (such as God or nature), whether via spirituality, community, religion, or other vehicles.
5. Sensation: sensuality (the senses: touch, taste, vision, hearing, and smell) and sexuality.

Cheers to growing where we're planted by properly nurturing all of our needs, not just the easy ones :)



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