Don't Delay

original art © OJD 2015
Happy Monday!  

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The weather in the Black Hills was pretty incredible on Saturday, and we had a little picnic along the Spearfish Canyon area. 
Our dining spot :)
Brought along a growler of Crow Peak's Spiced Brown Ale (delicious)
As I sat peacefully eating and gabbing near the rushing rapids, I was relaxed but an old familiar feeling of dread started to creep in.  That mental anguish I get every year when the nights stay lighter longer and I can smell lilacs in the breeze....I should be doing something else right now...laundry, meeting with that custom art framer, Spring cleaning, following up with recent art contacts, mulching...(the mental list goes on and on).  It's ironic that the beautiful weather makes me think that I can be more productive, because it's so challenging!  In Spring, my Summer schedule really starts to fill up with assorted travel plans, house guests, weddings, the like.  It almost feels like the beginning of the Winter holiday season, but with fewer gifts to wrap and no Bing Crosby.  Along with all these upcoming events to work on and plan for, there are still the day-to-day items to accomplish.  It's tough!  This time of year, all I want to do spend my days outdoors and have a late dinner with my husband on the back porch.  I truly lose momentum for the mundane (but necessary) tasks, both in art and everyday life.  

So, how can I maintain my productivity while still enjoying the outdoors as the weather grows more and more beautiful?  I think the answer is to recognize that I'm procrastinating and to say to myself: DON'T DELAY!  The time will come and go no matter what, so you're probably better off just starting the task rather than not starting it at all.  At a normal, un-rushed pace: catch-up on e-mails, run the vacuum, go buy stamps, mend that button, and then slather on the sunscreen.  It's no fun to frolick in the sun if you're thinking about pending chores. 

The Seasons (series) by Mucha (source)

Our lives get complicated, it's a simple fact.  We need to be kind to ourselves, and realize that with each season comes the need to re-adapt to life's chores -- the old and the new.  That's one of the many reasons why I love the 4 (or 6) seasons.  It's like nature changes the scenery in an effort to force us to stop and re-identify our new seasonal priorities.

"A Summer Song" by Chad & Jeremy via YouTube

Cheers to recognizing the necessity of re-evaluating our priorities, and mastering the mundane tasks just as expertly as we did when the ground was slushy and our warmest scarves were in heavy rotation.  Let's embrace the new season and all of its to-do's. 



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