Be A Firecracker

original art © OJD 2015
Happy Friday!!

Recently, I've noticed that some of my art is taking on a FIRECRACKER effect, as I'm playing with a new technique of letting the water droplets fall diagonally to form an overlapping lattice.  

According to this handy little reference glossary, I think my designs look like crosettes:


I created these pieces below as a gift for my friend. Inspiration: *BLUES and BRIGHT !*

                                                          What do you think?
Mid-section shot of the top two
Mid-section shot of the bottom two

Back on the topic of firecrackers, it got me thinking:  what does it mean to BE a firecracker anyway (as an adjective, not as an explosive)?  According to Google...

noun: firecracker; plural noun: firecrackers
  1. a loud, explosive firework, typically wrapped in paper and lit with a fuse.
    • an outstanding, exciting, or attractive person or thing.

      "the book was hardly a literary firecracker"
      Luv that :) 
Also, in support of Ryan Adams' broken rib (yowch!), here is a perfect Friday song:

"Firecracker" by Ryan Adams via YouTube

Have a wonderful weekend!



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