Saturday, January 26, 2019

Capturing Morning Creativity


I get some of my wildest ideas within the first 2 minutes of waking up in the morning.  Whether it's a new thought for an activity with my toddler, an idea for a painting, or something funky like styling the objects on my bookshelf differently; they're all visual snippets that I can see clearly in my mind.  Sadly, they all tend to be very fleeting, so if I don't act on them or write them down immediately -- poof!  Gone.

This week, I had several.  Each morning's idea was wilder than the previous morning's.  I started taking a clipboard with paper and a pen to bed every night to sketch (I figured that blue phone glow before bed is a nasty habit to ditch once and for all, even though I do miss a little Insta scrollage); and when I woke up I had it. Morning after morning!  I'd stumble out of bed and write it down right away -- every aspect of what I wanted to do and ideas on how to do it.

I'm fairly certain my newly acquired visions are a fun gift due to …

1.) Getting more SLEEP!  Yep, having two very tiny tots is no joke and it had taken a massive toll on my creativity.  I was in survival mode for the last 6 months (but honestly, more like the last 2 years), and if you know me, you are WELL AWARE of this fact.  I was struggling to get much of anything else done besides managing my household and occasionally baking a batch of brownies (always necessary in my opinion).

2.) Having an incredible phone date with a fellow creative who has always supported my dreams and goals -- (Molly, I love you!  You are CRUSHING it with your photography and always so inspirational).  I really learn a ton from sharing ideas and hearing what other entrepreneurs have been through.  What's working, what's not.  It's critical feedback. 

3.) Podcasts.  I clean, I cook, I do laundry, I tidy...yes.  But I also listen to a boatload of podcasts during these tasks to keep new ideas flowing.  I change it up frequently, but right now I'm really into Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher and Business Unusual with Barbara Cochrane.  Sometimes it's the off-topic ideas that spark new ideas for me.  

I'm in the process of developing several of these visions at the moment, but one I would love to share is my custom flat lay/background art.  These are one of a kind 22 inch x 30 inch paintings that are unique to each business/brand that's looking to upgrade their visual appeal through their stylized product photos.  I have been blessed by the power of Instagram to have completely booked my schedule through February with custom commissions for an assortment of business owners and bloggers around the nation world (oh hey Australia & Spain, welcome to the party!)

Interested in learning more, or know of someone who has a business or blog that needs a little pop of organic color?  Click here for more info/get on the books to schedule a complimentary design consultation. 

I'm so looking forward to sharing more fun and COLORFUL creations with you.  And as always, thank YOU for your support. :)


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

When Winter Gets Drab, Get COLORFUL.


It's that time of the year, my frozen friends.  Winter is looking and feeling and smelling so incredibly drab here in Minnesota.  I know I'm not the only one craving flowers.  And Spring.  


I have hand-selected these 10 canvases from my inventory and curated a peppy mini collection for ya'll to punch Winter in the face.  So go ahead, after you clean those pesky salt stains off your boots and brush the slush off your (once super cute) entryway rug, check out this collection for a little jolt of joy.



Sunday, January 20, 2019

What I'm Reading


I'm most certainly a maximalist when it comes to reading (and...most other things I suppose). My house is full of books and I tend to read several at a time.  I adore biographies and collect them like it's my JOB.  Interior design/d├ęcor/architecture books and magazines are also a major source of inspiration for my life and artwork.  I figured it might be fun to share what I've been reading lately, and maybe make it into a monthly thing.  Here we go!  I've got FOUR new books and a magazine on deck this week, so get comfy.

A recent addition to my fleet is a couple of what some may call "self help" books (I know, I know), but they're more along the lines of *entrepreneur/biz dev meets life coach meets that is SO OBVIOUS, why didn't I think of that??* reading.  And I love it.  My new favorites right now are by Rachel Hollis (Girl, Wash Your Face) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Why Now Is the Time to Crush IT!).  I'll be honest here, I'm not great at explaining the takeaways from things I've read when it comes to topics such as this, mainly because I feel like these books inspire readers and hustlers like myself in a zillion different ways for a multitude of reasons.  Rachel's a mama, so obviously I'm inspired by her in that respect and the way she's been able to curate her dreams and achieve enormous goals she's set for herself, but it's a lot more than that.  And then there's Gary -- I've actually never watched his videos on YouTube, but I can assess just from his writing that he's a fiery dude and was born ready to conquer whatever projects he sets his mind to, because he clearly has the gift to see big picture and then some...and then some more.  If you're looking for some va-va-voom to set your goals ablaze I highly recommend these two books.  They certainly got me jazzed about managing my art in a new way and (totally unrelated but equally valuable advice): weekly snack and meal prep planning!  Namaste, Rachel & Gary.

Next in my stack this week are two design gems that I am thoroughly enjoying paging through.  Eye candy for my soul!  Ok, that was dramatic, but if you can appreciate how expertly Bunny Williams beautifies a space or how DesignSponge visually inspires widely assorted interior tweakage in your own home, then my get me. 

Lastly, I often fantasize about one day hosting stupid-lavish monthly tea parties with my girlfriends (and fascinators), but til that day comes, I adore indulging in Tea Pleasure Victoria Magazine 2019.  For those of you in Minneapolis, I scored this magazine at Lunds & Byerlys.

Happy Reading :)