Friday, September 7, 2018

Workspaces, Dreams, and A Whole Lotta Diapers

You guys.  I haven't blogged in over a year.  "WHAT HAPPENED?!", you may ask.  Well, I'll tell you exactly what happened.  I had a small bumper crop of children.  :P Just typing this post feels foreign.  I can barely remember how to format this crap.  What font did I normally use?  Oh my stars.  Here goes nothing.

As a new mother to two tiny humans, my life is so, so different from the way it was when I started this blog.  If you recall, I started this whole spiel back in 2015 as a means to figure out what I wanted to do creatively with my art, etc. and it all just sorta...came together organically somehow.  I blogged pretty religiously, too.  It was cathartic.  I look back at my old posts about my artistic meanderings and cringe/smile/cry/rock out (I had some badass musical jams in there!), but mostly I reflect on what a wild ride its been and how grateful I am for all the experiences and the people I've met along the way.

My artistic journey began when my husband and I relocated from Minneapolis, MN to Rapid City, SD and I was essentially searching for the strength to follow my artistic dreams. I got lucky with finding an incredible space in the heart of downtown Rapid City.   For practically peanuts, I paid a kind gentleman to rent a 2nd floor loft-style office in his restored historic building.  I even had my own mailbox at the bottom of the stairs and my name on the building's information board.  It felt unofficially official and I was beyond excited to have my first art studio. 

View of the alley from my 2nd floor studio.  I was there daily, rain or shine.

Painting in the amazing natural light

 After having my first art show (thank you so much, Sturgis Center for the Arts!), creating a wide variety of commissioned works, and meeting some incredibly talented local artists, it was time to hit the dusty trail.  We moved back to Minneapolis, and I was ready for anything.  

My next art space was in a funky extra room/walk-in closet space that connected the main house to the carriage house we were renting.  Since it was originally the "end" of the house before the carriage house was added, it had interior windows that looked into our rental space.  It was totally charming and I loved it so much.

Setting up some inventory and enjoying a cuppa ;)

Working on something or other :P

My time in the carriage house studio was very special, mainly because I said "yes" to tons of opportunities that opened many new doors.  It was a circus.  As a self-taught artist, I was trying to build my portfolio, and I was BUSY!  I couldn't believe I was getting accepted into juried exhibitions and getting accepted to was a fricken blast and some of my most creative time.

And then...I had to slow my roll, so to speak.  I shifted my focus and put my art on the back burner.  My life was now 100% my family.  We relocated again, and I had a small shared basement office with my husband.  It worked just fine for what I needed it for, which was honestly not a lot.  I tried to revamp things after my son was born, but I really struggled to make the time.  But that was ok.  My energies were needed elsewhere :)  I had a small window of creative rejuvenation for some commissions shortly before I found out I was pregnant again, and that was wonderful!  But again, my focus was redirected to mom life.

This leads me to my latest venture!  Finally, I'm at a place where my mom life and my creative life are ready to tango.  I'm super excited to be setting up shop in a brand new space -- this time in one of the spare rooms in our new home's basement (yes, we moved yet again and are happily living in our longterm home).  More photos to come, as I'm still ironing out some details about the wheres and the whats.  But the chandelier is up, so that's a start. 

Chandeliers are very important to me, you see ;)

I cannot wait to use this space to curate something brand new.  My next artistic pursuit has essentially been 4 years in the making.  I wouldn't be able to attack this idea without meeting the people I've met and doing all the wacky things I've done with my art.  Its been an ongoing learning experience and this is a dream that I cannot wait to make a reality.  Slow and steady.
Gotta go change a diaper ...