Friday, December 9, 2016

OJD: Life & Style


Well, I've been majorly off the grid since August -- you could say that life just happened, I suppose.  We moved homes, I started a new job on the side, and then on top of that . . . we discovered I was in the *family way* :)  So excited!!  Due in March.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy  <3

Anywho, I wanted to share with you one of the projects I was just wrapping up at the end of the Summer before things got nutz around here at Olivia J Designs.  I'd chatted with a few awesome people about expanding my work into the homewares branch of design, and after collaborating with some buddies who were willing to share their lovely home, original music, and photography talents with me (thanks Jen, John, and Paul!), I created a video to showcase some of my "paintings-turned-homewares" designs.  I'm calling it my "Life + Style" Collection.  Take a peek at OJD Summer 2016:



  1. The video is beautiful! Can't wait till the lovely pieces for home are available. I will be watching for updates ;)