Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Happenings


Whoa, I've been busy.  (!!!)  Between figuring out what to sell in my online store and preparing for a wide variety of art shows, I've been navigating my creative tornado experimentally in and out of the studio.  No idea where April went, but she was a fun month!

Mid-month I bummed along on a business trip and made a mini visit to Savannah to scope out the SCAD scene.  I dare say, Savannah is much more than Spanish moss-covered trees, mint juleps and peach everything -- that is one ferociously charming city.  Lots of creative energy, too.  Loved it!

Snapped this pic at the Fort King George historic site.  Spanish moss for daaaays.

In other news . . . 
Coming up in a few weeks is Inter(ART) on May 13th in Minneapolis at the Target Plaza Commons.  

Painting live is a really fun experience.  
I'm finalizing plans for what I'll be painting . . .  

*** HINTS: ***
  • it will be colorful
  • it will be L A R G E
  • no more hints
If you're at the event, please stop by my space and say 'hi'!  I'll be giving away some free mini prints :) 

What else, what else...

Remember my submissions last month for the paranormal art show? watercolor painting "Aquatic Abduction" was accepted into "The Art of Darkness: Inspired By the Paranormal" show at the Banfille-Locke Center for the Arts!  This is a completely new genre for my paintings, so I'm very excited.  My inner Dana Scully is also pretty pumped.

That's all for now!  Stay tuned as I unveil my new online shop :)

The musical selection for today is from the new Nada Surf album.  I've hit the repeat button A LOT on this beautiful collection of tunesIt's my favorite kind of alt rock: peppy and reflective!  Enjoy <3

"Cold to See Clear" by Nada Surf via YouTube



Monday, April 4, 2016

Kinetic and Interactive Art

A graceful fleet of flying butterflies

Over the weekend, I attended the opening reception of the "Bloom!" exhibition at the Tres Leches Art Gallery (more about that later!) in the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis.  There was another exhibition going on, The Body and Machine 2016: Kinetic and Interactive Art, so my friends and I decided to check it was really unique!  I'd never explored this type of visual art before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I found it very imaginatively beautiful. 

My favorite piece.  I'm not a expert here, but I would describe it as a kinetic sculpture piece (?!)  This metallic finger taps on a board (makes a lovely "knock" sound) at a set rate, and as it does this, powdery metallic dust falls on top of a slow-growing pile below.  It was beautiful, but in a 'sand running thru the hourglass' sort of way.  A lot like life.

I love learning about new forms of art because it expands my creativity for paintings, so I think I'll check out more of these kinetic art shows in the future.  I'm also intrigued by the engineering behind these creations.  My friends (most all of which are engineers, mind you) were especially interested in this spinning doozy below:

I don't recall which law of physics are applied here...but it was really cool!

The show runs thru April 24th -- highly recommend checking it out :)

Today's musical selection is the new one by Kaleo, performed lived at The Current.  Enjoy!

"Way Down We Go" by Kaleo via YouTube



Friday, April 1, 2016

Multi-Orientational Landscapes


This week as I was finishing up the two pieces that I did for a Taylors Falls commission (the varnishing, framing, and whatnot) -- I started to play around with their orientations just for fun...and whoa.  When I flipped the two paintings so their opposite sides were next to each other, I kinda fell in love with this look too!  

It instantly reminded me of Hidden Beach (technically Cedar Lake East Beach, but whatever) in Minneapolis that can be found along my favorite lake in the Twin Cities -- Cedar Lake.  Do you see it, too?

I am exploring a lot more of these two-piece painting pairs, because I fell in love with the process of creating these two paintings for the Taylors Falls commission.  I want to work with more florals and more abstract stylings in this way as well.  Why have one piece, when you can have two?!  

Stay tuned for more.

I figured a song by the talented sistahs of Ibeyi was fitting.  Just discovered this a capella version.  Beauteous <3

Ibeyi "River" via YouTube