Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mix & Match

Greetings from the studio!

Between baking batches of Christmas cookies and vacuuming up copious amounts of pine needles from our tree (uuugh), I've been working on lots of new *experiments* new favorite is something I like to call "the Mix & Match" :)  After dabbling with some different techniques, I am loving the look of these two styles together.  It's almost like abstract floral meets rock and roll/funk pop.  Does that make sense?  I love the look of watercolor care-free florals, but I needed something more.  Something edgy.  I think the strong stripes pair nicely with the delicate flowers.  What do you think?

Mix & Match, no. 1
Mix & Match no. 2
Mix & Match, no. 3
Stay tuned :)  More to come.

I think the paintings go great with the new COLORFUL album by Grimes, "Art Angel"... [which I'm seriously loving] <3
Art Angel (full album) by Grimes via YouTube


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY: Colorful Stamp Pad!

Happy December, everyone!

Today I want to share a festive alternative to the basic ink pad that is sooo easy to make.  If you're a fan of stamps (like me!), you've likely felt a bit limited by the stamp pad options out there.  Not only that, but the colorful ones can be quite pricey, and are not always the exact colors or sizes you're looking for.  I am here to show you that you can easily create your own!  Any colors, any size -- the options are limitless!  All you need is some acrylic paint, a sponge, and water.  Yep, it's that simple.  Let's get started :)

Step 1:  Buy a sponge that is a bit larger than your stamp -- that way you don't have to reposition your stamp every time.  The stamp I used was MASSIVE, so I bought a large sponge.  Soak your sponge in water, and then ring out all the extra water so it's no longer dripping. Set on a surface that you don't mind getting a little messy ;)  I used a plastic plate lined with paper towel.

Step 2: Get colorful!  I used random blobs of acrylic paint directly on the damp sponge.  I fired up some red, green, grey, and light purple.

Step 3: Using a brush or wad of papertowel, shmear (that's a word, right?) the paint around on the sponge.  Make sure the entire sponge is covered with paint.

Step 4: Get your stamp ready!  I found this beauty on Etsy at Fat Joey Knitwear, Vintage and Crafts -- they have tons of fun treasures.

Step 5: Depending on what type of look you're going for with your stamp, you may want to water down your paint a bit to get a more defined stamp image.  I used a little spray bottle to gently mist the paint on the sponge.

Here's an example of the difference a little extra water makes -- the stamp on the right is clearer and more legible.  I would definitely recommend using the additional spritz of water if your stamp has any lettering on it.  Play around with some spare paper to figure out what combo of paint/water works best for you.  Also, if you're in the middle of stamping and need to step away to bake some cookies, wrap gifts, or build a snowman, place a wet paper towel over your sponge to keep it damp and prevent the paint from drying :)

Voila!  Here are my holiday cards; ready to rumble.  Hope you found this festive demo a useful alternative to a basic ink pad, and a fun way to funk up your stamp crafts! 

 It's officially Christmas song let's start it out strong.  
A personal fave by She & Him:

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by She & Him via YouTube