Thursday, October 8, 2015

In the Studio: A NEW 24x48 Commission

"Rise & Shine" (24x48 watercolor and acrylic on canvas)
Hello there!  I'm excited to share my newest commission piece: "Rise & Shine".  This 24x48 work was created for a client in Minneapolis who was looking for a large piece of art for their family room.

To get a good feel for what a new client is envisioning, I start by showing them a gallery of my paintings so they can select their favorite style...controlled drips, flowers, trees, hills, flowy nebula/glob things....all of the above?!  

My client wanted a large piece in the style of my classic drip/colorful skyscapes with the nature element (trees/flowers).  Next step: colors!  She informed me that the room for the piece has grey walls with a few pops of yellow/blue accent decor, but mostly plain.  Her requested colors for the piece were bright green, bright pink, and greys/blues/yellows.  ....time to create!

Some people create a vision board.  I use a vision window :)  Playing with bright greens + pinks

As with most paintings, this painting went through several revisions before I decided it was completed.  For one, this was my largest flower field that I've ever created on canvas before (!!), so it took some time to feel balanced with the right combination of both natural and vibrant in order to work in the bright pinks and bright greens.  But, as I started layering colors and textures, I realized that was exactly what the piece needed because of its expansive size.  Too few layers and the canvas appeared quite colorful, but quite flat.  With all the bright colors, I knew I wanted to make the piece feel playful, but not juvenile.  It needed the various background hues to create warmth and whimsical dimension.  

I also enjoyed painting this piece because it was a new canvas size I'd never worked with before!  I typically create vertical pieces, so this was my first giant horizontal creation -- I must was really fun!  With each new canvas size and orientation, I find that my beginning, middle, and end approach to the piece is generally the same, but my final touches are modified slightly in order to get the same OJD style. 

In honor of the [best] city [on earth] where this painting will be residing, let's fire up some Prince, shall we?  One of my favorite songs....
 Prince "FUNKNROLL" via Youtube


Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hello!  I haven't created a painted mantra in awhile, so I thought it was time to make one :)  

Patience is defined as...
 the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset *

A go-to album that I've found for relaxing and cultivating patience is the Odesza 'Summer's Gone' album....harmonic beats with a zen twist.  Enjoy: