Tuesday, August 25, 2015

May Your Winning Streak Never End

Some new pieces from the studio :)

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and that the new week is treating you well :)  I've been painting up a storm.  Between exterior house paint, indoor railings/banisters, and painting in the studio, its been A LOT of paint.  Love it all!  

Here's one of my new favorite songs that makes me smile and reminds me to keep on keepin' on.  I love Glen Hansard's voice so much.  He's like a wise Irish bird cooing beautiful words of encouragement, wonder, and wisdom; does that make sense?  Maybe not, but that's how I hear his music and I love it :)  Oh, and if you haven't seen the film Once, get on that -- it's fantastic.  Enjoy!

 Glen Hansard "Winnng Streak" via YouTube



Thursday, August 20, 2015


A chunk of a new piece featuring my new favorite color combo.  I think I'll name this one "Mermaid Hair".
 Happy Thursday!

So, I'm happy to announce that I've officially decided on my color palette and styling for my art auction piece that I'll be painting for next week's event.  I can't seem to stop painting with oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows...I think this is a sign :)  

In general, I prefer to dabble with different color options when I'm in the middle of painting something new -- it feels less restrictive -- and I rarely plan my colors ahead of time (unless it's a commission piece of course, then I prepare plenty of practice pieces before I get one or more that I love)...but in this case...I'm really excited to keep playing with this color combo!  Wish me luck.

 In honor of all the colors out there and the gorgeous sounds of the ever stylish Donovan:

Donovan "Colours" via YouTube



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's New Wednesday (#8)

Happy Wednesday!  It's time for a re-cap of the past week :)

Firstly, let's give a round of applause for The Packers for their first victory (albeit it pre-season) last week!!  I come from a hardy Packers-loving family, so I obviously had to whip up some green and gold sugar cookies in honor of the big game. Even busted out my football-shaped cookie cutters ;-)

In OJD art news, last Friday I was asked to participate in an upcoming art auction at The Suzie Cappa Art Center on Wednesday, August 26th to benefit the Buffalo Gals.  I'm honored and excited!  Six other artists and myself will each be creating a piece of art on a 10 x 10 canvas that depicts one of the 7 female themes that represent this unique womens' group: Grit, Guts, Grace, Spirit, Vision, Persistence, and Tenacity.  I chose tenacity, and can't wait to get started on creating a new tenacious piece for the event.  Still brain storming color combos and stylings, so I've been spending some time in the studio playing around with ideas for the final piece.

In fact, just yesterday, I started playing with a new style of mixing watercolor with acrylic paint (typically I keep the two separate) -- this was a blast and I was able to create some new styles and movements with the water and combined paint palette. 
Red, hot pink, orange, and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations, and I love the juxtaposition of  the
the chunky acrylic paints over the gentle watercolor drip lines

Lastly, my sunflowers have bloomed and are standing proud and mighty!  I plant sunflowers every Summer, but this was my first year planting purple ones.  They're gorgeous.  The birds think so too :)

An evening shot of the beauties

Finally, I cannot stop listening to this new(ish?) tune by Sufjan Stevens.....enjoy!

 Sufjan Stevens "Should Have Known Better" via YouTube

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Change is Good

Little cuties from the garden

Happy Tuesday!  

I'm a little busy this week, so let's keep today's post short and sweet: change is good.  I was inspired by the ripening strawberries in the garden and through the process of painting our front door...

I see a blue door and I want to paint it red.

Cheers to changing up whatever needs changing in your life, as there is always something.  May the process of change inspire new things, strengthen your spirit, and help make the unfamiliar a little more familiar :)

Lastly, I urge you to listen to Peter Lee Johnson's gorgeous violin covers of popular songs.  What a talent! 

 Changes by 2Pac (violin cover by Peter Lee Johnson) via YouTube


Monday, August 17, 2015

One Step At a Time

Greetings, all!  

Take it one step at a time, they say.  Well, I'm doing just that.  I'm excited to share my newest endeavor that's part of an ongoing project: custom tiny boxes by Pakible. 

How cute are these?  I'm excited to fire them up for shipping upcoming wearable accessories that I'm slowly but surely in the process of developing.  Stay tuned :)

A big thanks to Pakible for reaching out to Olivia J Designs about their custom boxes.  Check them out at pakible.com.  Their boxes are fun and easy to design, and their customer service is excellent.  I'm a huge fan!

In the spirit of taking it one step at a time, I figured I'd share my go-to song for motivation and a general sense of va va voom!  Enjoy :)

 "One Step At A Time" by Jordin Sparks via YouTube